Coalition for Nursing Home Excellence

Coalition for Nursing Home Excellence


The coalition was founded by co-leaders and stakeholders of the Coalition to address the issues related to the care of the elderly in Arkansas.

The coalition co-leaders are:

Dr. Cornelia Beck

Dr. Claudia Beverly

Peggy Moody


AR Advancing Excellence (AR AEC) was established as a program of the AR Coalition for Nursing Home Excellence and serves as a state chapter of the national AE Campaign.  Arkansas’ nursing homes made the commitment to their residents, families, and staff by becoming the first state in the nation to have 100% participation in Phase I and Phase II of the Campaign.   The Arkansas Advancing Excellence Campaign works in partnership with the Office of Long Term Care (OLTC), Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC), Arkansas Innovative Performance Program (AIPP), Arkansas Health Care Association (AHCA), AR Long Term Care (LTC) Ombudsman, and the AR Aging Initiative.  Together these partners are assisting nursing homes in meeting Campaign goals through regional and state training. 


Vision:  Create nursing homes in which the elderly, frail, and disabled will experience the highest quality of life.

Mission:  To change the course of care in nursing homes by addressing immediate and long term needs. Long-term care for those who require nursing home settings will be: 

  • person-centered to respond to unique conditions and choices
  • adequately staffed by a well-trained, empathetic well-compensated workforce
  • community-based to engage rather than isolate
  • technologically advanced

Goal 1: Person Directed Care will be implemented in nursing homes in Arkansas.

Goal 2: Person Directed Care will be supported by systems in place to sustain continuous quality improvement.

Goal 3: An interdisciplinary team that is knowledgeable, empathetic and cost effective will implement Person Directed Care.

Goal 4: Evaluate the quality and cost benefit outcomes of Person Directed Care as implemented in Arkansas